Would you like to join the lady toto society?

Travel experiences where women, men and couples can explore great destinations and discover themselves

With our companion travel experiences. The girls approach the guys in The Lady Toto Society. This not only keeps our travel companion girls safe and in control but empowers them to discover themselves and what they really want. Guys, as much as we love, lust and adore you, you are our travel companions in the lady toto society

Memberships are open to girls only. Our existing guy travel companions in the Lady Toto society are feminists too. So girls you are in control, and only you have the ability to invite males and female travel companion guests to join the lady toto society - so girls,

Who did you have that great travel experience with? Who took you to that hip destination? Who did you check in to that great new hotel with? Who got you that dress you love? Who invested in your next big idea? Who smiled? Who did you make smile? Who did you travel with again? Maybe you made a friend, fell in love or maybe you just wanted to frolic. Whoever they are, where ever you went, what ever you did you had a great time with a great plus one. who are they?

Interested? Drop us a message. My biggest tip is to complete the contact form below as though you are writing to a dear old friend. Tell me a little about yourself, what you hope to get out of your travel companion venture and why you will make a great travel companion - my email is encrypted, and if when I reply, you also use a proton mail account it gives us that extra layer of privacy and makes me feel like I'm part of my very own secret society.

I can't wait to hear from you  - I have this feeling we are going to get on famously!