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Ciao, I'm Lady Toto

Whether it be through one of them moments of serendipity, a friend or by the sheer power of your will you’ve found me and I’m so happy you have.

I’ll gladly tell you about myself, but first, let’s touch on you. You’re intelligent, charming and humble having reached the top of your game. I guess you could say you are comfortable with who you are while you remain hungry. You understand the philosophical value of continuing to test your taste - it keeps you in touch with the creative process and fuels your energetic life force, but still there is something missing. Perhaps you crave intimacy, affection or maybe a sense of adventure and excitement while ticking one off from your bucket list. What ever it may be, sometimes you just wanna create a life experience that comes with no sense of responsibility- something that simply does not exist in your day to day life and that is exactly why you are here.

In today's world of connecting online - new connections are only but for the click of a button away, making new connections has never been so readily available, but what about those connections that contribute something of value to our life? Requires a little pruning to ensure we are a great match. And so, you are a gent, but there's something more, something I can't quite put my finger on, you arouse a certain je ne sais quoi, and your taste? it's impeccable. While you are logical, you too are in touch with and display a highly evolved level of emotional intelligence, just as much as you pertain to the physical. While there is almost nothing better than unbridled desire and uninhibited adventure - if you can have the full package, why wouldn't you? 

I'm the first to admit this page tends towards the magniloquent, but what with us both being transatlantic you will find it includes everything you need to know to ensure we get off on the right foot. So like a good ole Impressionist & Modernist Art sale open at Christie's this week, I invite you to sit back and wonder through a garden of eden and pursue my website at your leisure. I have selected a few pics that as an artist reflect my soothing relationship with nature.

I'm as comfortable wearing one of my collection of bikinis, as I am relaxing in my bf's jumper. I love being next to nature, or in the great outdoors, then back by the fire with a glass of vino. The scent of freshly cut grass, the touch of cashmere, rolling in lavender scented white cotton bedsheets - and why not? when the occasion arises I transform from refined dinner date to intriguing playmate strapped to them lacy AP's with the close of a door and turn of a key.

I'm as happy hosting a low key picnic for friends in earls court garden, or down by the sea on lets say Spiaggia del Principe in the low season, as I am dining at a high-end eatery, or hanging out at a beach club socialising. I have a gift for listening, connecting the dots to synthesise stimulating ideas, and you will find me inherently empathic thanks to my INFP personality along with some of my favourite notable writers, some 4% of us mere mortals.  I can be serious or silly, but when it comes down to it neither will matter because when I look into your eyes and give you that playful smile you will feel as though only  me and you exist. I'm told I'm elegant, it has been said that I walk "languidly with grace", and you will find me especially feminine with my own sense of style, a kind of pastiche of my loved, lived and returned to destinations. I pride myself on being genuine, quick to laugh, deeply compassionate and down to earth given my answers in a recent "get to know more deeply in 5 minutes" questionnaire over dinner in nyc on 21st.

I'm a bit of a chameleon navigating social situations with delightful savour-faire, equally capable of charming our dining room hosts or carving out an intimate space for just the two of us. 

My interests are varied, and tend towards the creative. I am 22,000 words into my first novel, I jog daily, have completed a marathon, but more comfortable doing a half. I do the occasional yoga session and love embarking on international travel with a great plus one. I have been known to participate in a pageant, I didn't win, never the less, it was a valuable experience and as part of our do good initiative I  kick started a charity gig donating premiership champions footie shirts to a great org in Africa; a project realised with thanks to one of my travel companions. I feel lucky to have visited some 80+ countries with many more to go. As creative and at times shapeshifting as I can be, I am consistent in that I can just about grasp a conversation in a diverse cross-section of subjects from the arts, politics, business and current affairs, to start-ups and Ted Talkers; my fave being Dr Helen Fisher. Above all I value originality and genuine conversation. You'll find me to be a non-judgemental party. You can share with me your wildest fantasies, deepest secrets, or simply being able to let loose and have fun, with me this is easy to do. 

Some of the things I love..

Well-tailored suits, natural textures, lace, silk and velvet - Thought-provoking documentaries - Ted Talks - Love in Black - Lengthy, thorough massages - - Soaking in a hot bubble bath - English afternoon tea - Intense Steam rooms -  Hot showers for 2 - ceiling Mirrors which double as headboards - Sun kissed skin - Rare vintage champagnes by the glass - Life by candlelight - a Moscow mule in the hotel bar, playing that game "what's their story?"- A hand on the small of my back, coconut oil being rubbed onto my back, a guy blow drying my hair - Great conversation over great food - The smell of salty sea air, diving in the sea before breakfast - Easy laughter  - Fancy dining attire sans underthings - I have always believed since I can recall, and endeavour to be "a product of experience". And now, thanks to  Prof Robert Sapolsky I understand my experiences serve firmly fixed in my prefrontal cortex. I’m also a tech fan, I miss Steve Jobs, and find Elon Musk interesting to listen to.

So here comes my favorite part. You’ve read all about me and now it’s my turn to learn about you. Feeling that sort of nervous excitement? Don’t worry, I am too! Reach out, tell me a little bit about yourself and let’s set up a time to travel. Not quite sure what to say? That’s cool! My biggest tip is to complete the contact form below as though you are writing to a dear old friend. Tell me a little about yourself, what you hope to get out of our travel together - my email is encrypted, and if when I reply, you also use a proton mail account it gives us that extra layer of privacy and makes me feel like I'm a spy for my very own secret society.

The Lady Toto Society

After 11 flights in 21 days, I arrived in Italy where I joined my travel companion & friends onboard a boat. After settling in to a sunset aperitif we set sail, and in one our conversations my companion happen to share with me that back home in the Middle East he’d fallen upon challenging times, sliding down and out of the top ten tech entrepreneurs - in an effort to recuperate, he’d transferred his foresight to tech possibilities in Asia, something resonated, but I didn’t think anything of it again. We anchored, sunbathed, dined, docked where I went ashore for a spot of shopping and some souvenir gifts for my hosts and their respective families; 4 custom designed t-shirts printed with inspirational motifs, 3 trinket bracelets and a gift for a member of crew, who happen to be celebrating their birthday on board - a gesture of my appreciation for I was touched by the warmth of hospitality I’d experienced and they seemed happy with my offering. The day of my departure arrived, and as I made my way down the gangway, I bid everyone farewell, and as I did a sort of de ja vu came over me - and a thought for my first travel companion after I disembarked from my final contract onboard ultra luxury ships - and I said to my host “your spirited disposition reminds me for someone, like you he has tech interests in Asia, and if you want, I will connect you - explore possibilities”

The Lady Toto Society is a special circle of friends - An open door to a world of an extraordinary fellowship of international travellers who share a passion for exploring the world and learning from experience so as to lesser be provincial in our point of view. When you complete your first travel trip with us providing our experience resonates you will qualify and become a member of our circle of friends

In the Lady Toto Society our approach is intuitive, authentic and happens organically. We intwine horizontal and vertical development learning; by transforming how we think, feel, and make sense of the world, We develop both mental complexity and emotional intelligence to make intrinsic connections. We choose scenarios that combine optimally balanced challenge and support to absorb information, then offer intuitive consulting, niche and specialised connections based on the information that’s available.

Polite Reminder: After my acceptance email, please send a photo ID. There are no exceptions, my verification process is of paramount importance for the both of us, our first communicative exchange determines my decision regarding our compatibility as travel companions. 

I can't wait to hear from you  - I have this feeling we are going to get on famously!


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